Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility


The company is running a project for rural development in conjunction with an active social organization "Oasis" for the upliftment of the rural community. The program aims providing better education facilities to the people in the villages. Under this project, various workshops for youth, women and leaders of the village are being organized for overall development of the village.

ETP plant has been installed by the group in order to keep the environment clean and healthy. This plant enables to maintain zero discharge of any type of effluent into the public space.

We are committed to :

Prevention and control of land, air, water and noise pollution
Conservation of natural resources. Development of green zones in and around our plants and offices.
Compliance with applicable environmental laws, rules and regulations
Prevention of Child Labour
Reduction in waste generation and its safe disposal.
Providing a safe and healthy environment at the workplace for employees and visitors.
Inculcate awareness among all employees, contractors and visitors regarding health, safety and environment.
Embrancing world class practices for health, safety and environmental management.

  • Blood Donation Camp
  • Eye Camp
  • Rural Development Activity