Polyester fabrics

Polyester Fabrics


Being the leading fabric manufacturer in India, we provide several types of high quality Polyester Fabrics including Georgette, Satin, Crape, Poly Jersey, Rotox Tex, Chiffon, Georgette, Viscose Crape, Polyester Net, which have won us a large base of hundreds of thousands of loyal customers and their invaluable trust. We synthesize the polyester fabric using our unique processes, established after years of experience and expertise. Firstly, various alcohols and other chemicals that are found in Petroleum are made to react in scorching heat with controlled temperatures. This leads to the condensation of sturdy and stringy polymer strands, which are forced out onto are special state-of-the-art fiber making casts.

Here the polymer strands are dried, melted and spun. As these strands come out in the air, taking shape being loosely rolled onto fiber cylinders, they reach one step closer to their final clear, bright and shiny polyester fiber. Thereafter, the cylindrical thread strings are all heated under monitored temperatures and then deftly stretched manifolds to trim down its width to accurate measure and the desired fabric strength. Now, a variety of intricate procedures are followed to manufacture the different kinds of the fabric. As opposed to other polyester fabric manufacturers, we have developed our processes in-house, only after in-depth research and extensive & meticulous observation of hundreds of processes in the industry to manufacture the best quality fabric yarns.

All the diverse types of Polyester Fabric, or to call it the "Man-Made Fabric", that we manufacture are 100% unadulterated and 200% durable, which is what explains the exponential demand of our Polyester Fabrics amongst numerous polyester fabric suppliers.

Polyester fabric Designs
Bright Polyester Fabrics
Trade Name Reed Pick Finish Width
( 5%)
Finish Wt. (100 Mtrs.)
(approx.) - Kgs.
5037D Crape 110/5 (275) 96 42.75" (109Cm) 87.000 10.000
1281D Georgette 77/2 (77) 90 41.50" (105.5Cm) 70.000 7.300
1011D Satin 87/5 (217) 92 43.75" (111Cm) 90.000 10.000
4198D Crape 106/5 (265) 96 45.50" (115.50Cm) 83.000 8.300
5038D Poly Jersey - - 57.00" (145 Cm) 120.000 18.000
3335D Roto x Tex 91/2 74 43.40" (110 Cm) 67.000 6.700
4090D Chiffon 124/2 88 44.75" (114 Cm) 37.000 3.700
5044D Georgette 102/2 84 44.00" (112 Cm) 72.000 7.200
3815D Suede 71/5 (177) 92 45.50" (115.50 Cm) 165.000 19.000
5043D Viscose Crape 80/2 60 41.30" (Cm) 190.000 20.900
5047D Polyester Net - - 42.60" (108 Cm) 40.000 4.700