Carpet Yarn Manufacturers

Carpet Yarn

Made of bright Polyester Filament Twisted and Plied with best of colours / shades.
Carpet Yarn
Carpet Yarn

Product Range
• 300D/2/8 Ply
• 300/2/10 Ply
• 150D/2/16
• 150D/2/20 Ply
• 300D/16 and
• Other combinations on request
    - These products in conventional and dope dyed.
    - Multi coloured / space dyed with Lutex.
    - Flame retardant multi Twisted.


Packing Standard
Bobbin weight: 3.00 kg. Approx or as per requirement.


Material Handling
We handle material through forklift, hydraulic trolley, carton trolley, pallet trolley.

Material Handling through Forklift
Material Handling through Carton trolley
Material Handling through pallet Trolley